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Thank you for visiting our site. We take a no-nonsense approach to your commercial real estate needs and to our business approach to meeting your expectations of those needs. The default page link below is for owners of mortgage paper or other annuities who wish to liquidate their interest in such instruments. You may select from other EPI Fund services by clicking from the directory along the left border to each page or from the hyperlink list below.

EPI Fund Asset Inventory: you must be a registered and approved investor to review the contents of this page. EPI Fund may have assets in multiple locations throughout the US. If you are a registered and approved investor please log in and select this tab from the Directory to access this page. If you would like register for access to this page please click here.

Investor Opportunities: EPI Fund secures real estate throughout the United States. It may hold fee simple title to such assets or merely hold options on certain defined assets. All such assets have gone through an extensive, conservative due diligence analysis prior to being secured by EPI Fund. That analysis includes utilizing the professional services of independent title search, realtor, leasing, and/or appraisal companies to assist in the determination of investment grade viability for the benefit of EPI Fund. If the assets are displayed at this site, then they are available for sale or assignment. If you would like to register as an investor for access to our inventory, please click here.

EPI Fund Buys Real Estate: If you are in need of, or simply desire at this time to liquidate the equity in your property (e.g., "to sell"), whether residential, commercial, or land, we would be honored to learn of your property and enter into meaningful discussions for the purchase of it. Please click here to tell us more about your property.

EPI Fund Buys Paper: If you are the beneficiary (owner) of a 1st position seller carry-back from the sale of real property (residential, commercial, or land), agreement for sale, wrap mortgage, land contract, or junior lien position mortgage, and you desire to turn your immediate holding interest into IMMEDIATE CASH, please click here to tell us more about the mortgage paper you desire to sell. You will have multiple options with which to choose from when selling, including the sale of the entire note or just a portion of it. You will be able to choose which option fits your needs best.

  • No restrictions on location of security: Nationwide (including Hawaii and Alaska)
  • Seller Financed Carry-backs, Institutional Notes, and/or Private Mortgage Banker Notes
  • 1st Position, 2nd Position, Wraps, All Inclusive Trust Deeds, Land Contracts, other
  • Performing or Non-performing Notes (critical emphasis on closing equity position)
  • Seasoned or non-seasoned notes will be considered
  • Residential or commercial property security
  • Expedited analysis and bidding procedure: receive an answer in hours . . . not weeks!

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